Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home one week, tears and traditions

Spencer and I have now been home one week. I am not ashamed to say I have cried on several occasions,  mostly for missing my husband,  partly for missing Maiori,  and partly for missing my Italian traditions.
After 5 weeks of morning cappuccinos and crossaints I find myself trying to keep the tradition alive. But of course my cappuccinos don't come close to the Rosy Bar & Cafe's in Maiori.  I did bring home a macchinetta from Italy,  and while it does make a mean coffee, I'm having trouble adjusting to life without my Italian cappuccino.  After a few days home I caved and switched back to my iced latte.   One night a couple of weeks ago Gregg and I watched an Italian cooking show. The host made fresh ravioli. Last night I pulled out my pasta maker and got to work. I made a lemon ricotta ravioli. The kitchen was completely destroyed,  but I have to admit my ravioli was awesome. I made a homemade ciabatta two days ago and used it to slop up the sauce from my ravioli dinner. After 5 weeks in Italy most people would be sick of pastas, but not me. I made enough dough yesterday to feed an army.
I know it will be years before I return to Italy,  unless I win the lottery. But since I don't play, I'll just have to keep my favorite Italian traditions going on here at home until I can hopefully someday call Italy, home.

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