Thursday, July 10, 2014

4 weeks same belt loop, love the Mediterranean diet

I have been in Italy four weeks now and incredibly still using the same belt notch as when I arrived. I know I have gained a few pounds, but guessing only about 3 or 4.  That's amazing considering all of the pizzas and pastas I've devoured over the past month. That is credit to the Mediterranean diet. Everything I've eaten has been freshly made, not processed. The seafood I eat at dinner is almost always caught that morning. And the portion sizes are perfect. Last night for dinner I had shrimp in a lemon sauce. There were only 5 shrimp on the plate. This was my favorite dish so far. I'd try to describe the flavors but it wouldn't do the dish justice. Even the pizzas taste like the dough was made just minutes before. Most of the vegetables are organic,  grown in volcanic soil. I have never seen tomatoes this red anywhere. And the lemons are gigantic. I wish I could bring home some volcanic soil for my garden. Most Italians have a 3 or 4 course lunch and dinner. Lunch is usually my largest meal, especially when our family friend, Sandra cooks. One of my favorite meals she prepared was a mozzarella meatloaf, potatoes,  zucchini,  fennel and cheese. I ate everything and didn't gain an ounce. We always take her dog for several walks a day and we never snack between meals. I've gotten so used to long walks 4 or 5 times a day. I think this will be the hardest adjustment to returning home, not having long walks on the sea front. I have only a few days left in Italy and hope when I get home I can continue this Mediterranean lifestyle. It definitely agrees with my stomach and lifestyle.

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