Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goodbye my home away from home

This morning Spencer and I said goodbye to Maiori, Italy.  We spent almost a month in this Amalfi Coast town. It truly was our home away from home. We woke up at 6:30 to a thunderous sound, fireworks launched from the church. It was to signal one month until the Assumption. And I was worried about over sleeping. The owners of Albergo Riviera made sure breakfast was ready early for us. Spencer had a crossaint fresh out of the oven. We said our goodbyes then headed over to my favorite coffee shop. I had my usual 2 cappuccinos,  but treated myself to a Nutella crossaint. I will miss the Rosy Bar Cafe. Not only for the best coffee in the world,  but for the lovely ladies who put up with my not so perfect Italian. Spencer and I then grabbed some fresh bread for home made sandwiches. I didn't want to risk starving on the 5 hour train ride to Milan. We opted for the Italo train this journey. It's owned by a private company. We are in Prima class this time. It only cost a few more Euros than premium second class on TrenItalia. As I write this post we are traveling at high speed to Milan.  So far I'm very happy with the service on this train.
It's been a fantastic five weeks. I've loved every second and will miss our family friends,  and new friends we made in Maiori. But my heart will bring us home again.

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