Thursday, July 3, 2014

Goodbye Maiori, hello Capri

Yesterday was a tough day. I had to say goodbye to my husband who had to return to work,  and to my favorite place, Maiori.
We started the day at my favorite coffee shop, then packed our bags. After Gregg returned to work Spencer and I took a cab to Sorrento. We got incredibly lucky and made the 1:50 pm hydrofoil to Capri. I had booked the 2:25 hydrofoil,  but the earlier one waited for us and left a few minutes late.
Capri is beautiful,  but I am staying in a B&B that is in Annacapri and off the beaten path. It's quite a shock from having everything out your front door, like in Maiori,  to making a 4 minute walk up lots of stairs to access the main piazza.
But I can't complain. My B&B is surrounded by vineyards, lemon trees and beautiful gardens. And there is a dog on the proprty, so Spencer is very happy.
No walking to the beach here. Late this morning we will grab a taxi and head down to the beach on the southwestern tip of the island.

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