Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Italian Lessons

I am living proof that the best way to learn a foreign language is to experience the culture first hand.  Spencer and I spent 5 weeks in Italy this past summer. It was an incredible adventure.  Hearing and speaking Italian everyday was invaluable.  But when our trip ended I feared Spencer would lose his love and desire to keep learning the Italian language. I'm happy to report, he has not.  Since I home school Spencer I am able to include Italian lessons in his daily curriculum. We first started with Rosetta Stone, but it proved too confusing for Spencer. Then I found the key to success. Spencer now uses the Duolingo app, vocabulary cards, and a workbook that is suitable for his age. This educational trio has catapulted Italian to his favorite school subject. In a perfect world I would enroll Spencer and I in a language school in Lucca, but that's not yet in the cards. I look forward to the day Spencer gets another chance to practice what he's learned in Italy. Until then, we will help each other learn this beautiful language together.

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